Formed in the cold, harsh winter of 2012 over a common disdain for mankind, Atragon worship at the altar of the riff. They desire only to bring about your doom through the powers of distortion, tube amplification & heathen ritual.

Slow fuzzed out doom metal from the vaulted crypts below Edinburgh. Volume 1 is now available to buy through Witch Hunter Records.

We've shared the stage with Saint Vitus, Church of Misery, Grand Magus, Holocaust, Bongripper, Conan, Mourning Beloveth, Mos Generator, Monarch, Cauldron, Korpse, Serpent Venom, Tree of Sores, Black Magician, Iron Witch, Corrupt Moral Altar, Achren, Zillah, Headless Kross.


Between their sonic monoliths come bursts of flange-addled stoner rock, and it’s in these that they find the most admiration. - Terrorizer
Some exemplary guitarwork that adds plenty of colour to their prison-wall-grey world, and a gurning, eager vocalist with plenty of soul in his growl make them worth arriving early for. A front-row pair are later heard to remark that they’re “one of the few major legit Scottish bands that don’t sing about pirates.” It’s a beautiful moment. - The Sleeping Shaman
Atragon possess an overt air of potential, and hopefully the creative vision to do it. - Heavy Metal Spotlight
Their brilliant new release - Volume 1 - 2 tracks and 24 minute of pure unwanted mayhem and destruction which ozzes layers of fuzz and sludge to knock you the fuck out. - The Sludgelord
An ambitious start (both songs clock in at over ten minutes each) for a new band, but Atragon pull it off with aplomb and I for one cannot wait to see them live. Let's hope they have been crafting and honing their doomiest grimaces. - This Is Not A Scene
The two tracks of 'Volume 1' conjure up images of Crowbar jamming with Sabbath, after smoking a giant Electric Wizard spliff. The second, fifteen minute 'Jesus Wept' is a galloper of a doom tune that reaches a slow impasse halfway through and elongates it for all its worth, squeezing every last drop of sweat from lore and listener. - We Must Obey