Differential Equations

Download PDF by Tatsien Li,Song Jiang: Hyperbolic Problems:Theory, Numerics and Applications(In 2


  • Volume 1:
    • SBV Regularity for Scalar Conservation legislation (Stefano Bianchini)
    • Stellar constitution, Dynamics and balance (Tao Luo and Joel Smoller)
    • Irrotational Flows for Chaplygin gasoline: Conical Waves (Denis Serre)
    • Existence of Algebraic Vortex Spirals (Volker Elling)
    • Darcy's legislation in One-Dimensional Isentropic Porous Medium stream (Ronghua Pan)
    • A Nonlocal Conservation legislation from a version of Granular move (Debora Amadori and Wen Shen)
    • A easy version for Cavitation with Non-condensable Gases (Mathieu Bachmann, Siegfried Müller, Philippe Helluy and Hélène Mathis)
    • CDG technique for Navier–Stokes Equations (Slavko Brdar, Andreas Dedner and Robert Klöfkorn)
    • and different papers
  • Volume 2:
    • Stable Numerical Scheme for the Magnetic Induction Equation with corridor impact (Paolo Corti)
    • On the Space-Time growth Discontinuous Galerkin strategy (P Engel and C Rohde)
    • Sharp Interface Limits for Korteweg versions (Jan Giesselmann)
    • Finite quantity tools for the Two-fluid MHD Equations (Harish Kumar)
    • Asymptotic balance of Rarefaction Waves in Radiative Hydrodynamics (Chunjin Lin)
    • Adaptive Grids and the Entropy blunders Indicator (G Puppo and M Semplice)
    • Mechanism of Singularity Formation for Linearly Degenerate Quasilinear Hyperbolic platforms (Peng Qu)
    • Layered buildings: Instability of the surprise Waves and Electrodynamical Instability (Roman Semenko)
    • Dispersive Limits of the Nonlinear Klein–Gordon Equation (Kung-Chien Wu and Chi-Kun Lin)
    • A consequence on international options to 3D advanced Ginzburg–Landau Equation (Penghong Zhong, Shu Wang, Ke Wang and Ronghui Yang)
    • and different papers